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About us

Landtourist Valuations L.L.C is an independent firm of property valuers and chartered surveyors. The firm provides professional advisory services to a wide range of clients on all types of property matters and specializes in producing feasibility studies, valuation reports, property management and investment services concentrating mainly in Cyprus and Greece. Landtourist Group was initially established in 1981 as real estate brokers and the Group is now well established in the marketplace. Over the last 40+ years, Landtourist has built up a large and diversified customer base for which it provides a wide range of professional services.

Landtourist Valuations L.L.C is a regulated firm by RICS and a member of ETEK (Cyprus Technical Chamber). Our firm is actively involved in:

  • Property valuation reports for different purposes (selling, buying, taxation, rent reviews etc)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Compulsory Purchase and Compensation matters
  • Valuation for Financial Statements / Accounting Purposes
  • Loan security valuations
  • Insurance valuations
  • Legal cases / proceedings
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Highest and Best Use Studies (Optimum Development)
  • Strategic property management and advice
  • Planning & development advice
  • Market research

Who we are ?

The firm’s activities cover the whole area of the Island giving services to all major Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Municipalities and Public Utility Authorities. Other clients include Law firms, Offshore Companies, Land Development Companies, Accounting firms, Brokers, Venture Capital companies, Embassies and private individuals. Our strategy and ambitions are international.

Why us?

In business, the pace of change continuous to evolve rapidly. This in turn promotes increased demand from organizations for professional advice to enhance their rapidly evolving areas of activity.

The property profession is changing fast and today we operate in a global marketplace, which demands new ideas and different approaches in order to create valuable solutions. Due to this challenge, we continue to focus on our vision of the future for the stability of direction, and also address vital issues relating to our own service. As we increasingly extend our activities and services from property to the broader areas of business strategy and consultancy we believe that we are the best in our field.

Finally, our firm has as a primary target the client, investor or collaborator to meet in our premises a friend, a proper consultant as well as a person that can fully trust.

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